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Meet the band


Lead Vocals / Guitar

At age 6, Nick got his very first guitar. Since then, there hasn't been a day gone by where he hasn't touched an instrument. Self taught in guitar, piano & drums, he's been endlessly writing and creating new songs and sounds. With his powerful and passionate voice, he brings the songs of 30 on 6 to life.

Steven Boucher

Vocals / Guitar

Surrounded by music since he was born, it didn't take long for Steven to find his love for playing it. First starting on bass, then eventually learning guitar, he's been creating new licks and riffs ever since. With his unique style and unorthodox playing, Steven has been a vital part of the sound of 30 on 6.


Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Coming from a family of musicians, Adam found his passion for music early on in his life. Also self taught in a variety of instruments, you wont ever find him too far away from his bass, piano, or plethora of acoustic guitars. With his powerful and aggressive style of playing, Adam brings the raw and melodic rhythm to each song. The Yakman is a critical member of 30 on 6.



He sometimes plays drums.



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